Thursday, April 25

Teacher inspires early love of technology through robotics

BROOKSTON, Ind. − One local teacher has transformed not just her own curriculum, but her school’s learning methods with two little robots.

Mindy Brennan, the computer lab teacher at Frontier Elementary School, has been utilizing the Cozmo and Vector robots from Digital Dream Labs (DDL) to supplement the school’s programming studies.

DDL is an “edtechtainment” company that develops consumer robots for people and students of all ages.

“Digital Dream Labs started off as an ed-tech company,” Jacob Hanchar, CEO at DDL said, “so we taught coding to kindergarten through 5th grade. And now we are a robotics/AI-companion company. So we make robots for all ages that not only teach coding but also keep you company, count medicine for you, reminds you to take your medicine; go with you on trips, take pictures, answer phone calls…all those things.”

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