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Technology Allows Local Clinic to Expand Free Virtual Urgent Care Statewide

(Lackey Virtual Urgent Care)

YORKTOWN — Doctors across the state are volunteering time through Lackey Virtual Urgent Care — a program launched by the Yorktown-based Lackey Clinic — to provide free medical care to those in need in Virginia.

“Our program is designed to provide easier access for people with immediate needs who do not have a primary care physician,” Larry Trumbore, CEO of Lackey Clinic, a free and charitable healthcare center serving the uninsured, said in a press release. 

Anyone in the state of Virginia can book a virtual video appointment online with one of the doctors for an urgent but non-life-threatening condition, according to the clinic.

“It is so gratifying to help patients that really need the help,” said Dr. Ralph Robertson, who volunteers from his home in Kilmarnock. “Many, when they come to us are feeling desperate because they are in pain and afraid because they can’t imagine how they will find or afford the care they need.

Although the clinic is physically located in Yorktown, technology has allowed it to expand its impact statewide.

“The team at Lackey Clinic has set up a seamless telehealth platform and urgent care process that patients have continually said is easy to understand and use,” said Dr. Sadhana Rajamoorthi, who volunteers from her home in Vienna. “I volunteer on Wednesday mornings, and I will say it is one of my most anticipated times of the week. I enjoy having ample time to speak with patients and truly understand their health from a holistic perspective.” 

The doctors also benefit, enjoying the flexible schedule volunteering in the program provides.

“I chose to leave my paid physician job to stay at home with my kids while they are both so young,” said Virginia-licensed Dr. Margaret Lynch, who volunteers from her home in Washington, D.C. “I knew I wanted to find a way to remain involved in clinical medicine. 

“The Lackey team has been incredible to work with, the patients are so appreciative, and I truly feel like I’ve made a small difference at the end of each volunteer shift,” she added. 

Once a patient has been seen, doctors refer them to the nearest clinic in Virginia’s network so they can follow up to receive regular primary care. Lackey Clinic is one of 60 free and charitable clinics across the state who are members of the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (VAFCC), which works to strengthen and promote a robust, high-quality, free and charitable clinic system.

“Every person deserves access to basic healthcare services, and Virginia’s network of free and charitable clinics are there to provide accessible and inclusive services to those that fall through the gaps of the healthcare system,” said Rufus Phillips, CEO of the VAFCC. “The clinics serve as a safety net to those in need by providing patients with a medical home and a pathway to better health regardless of their ability to pay.” 

“It’s gratifying to know that the Lackey Virtual Urgent Care model isn’t a stand-alone telehealth one,” added Dr. Lynch, “and that instead, we as the providers can often serve as a bridge back to needed in-person medical treatment for these patients.” 

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