Tuesday, February 27

The 2021 Thankful Episode – Small Business Show 355 – Business Brain

Although we are living through some crazy times, your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean have a lot to be thankful for. Join us today as we share stories about what we are thankful for as it relates to our Small Businesses and beyond.

Listen in and then share what you’re thankful for in the Small Business Support Group!




  • 00:01:32 Trailing Twelve Months…to Accruals Basis
    • EBITDA vs. Sellers’ Discretionary Earnings
    • eMyth
    • Time Kills All Deals
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  • 00:14:25 SPONSOR: David vs. Goliath podcast, dedicated to helping small businesses leverage technology to compete and win against their large competitors.
  • 00:15:56 What Are We Thankful For?
    • Sponsors
    • No Alarm Clock
    • Mr. Money Mustache FIRE Concept
    • New Challenges
    • Neuroplasticity and Change
    • Listeners
    • feedback@businessshow.co
    • Luxury of Good Equipment
    • Business Partnerships
    • Pessimists
    • Vaccines
  • 00:35:29 Small Business Show 355 Outtro

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