Wednesday, September 27

The 28 Best Wide-Strap Bras for Women in 2023



Trust us; we know that shopping for the right bra can be a real pain. Figuring out your correct bra size is half the battle, but finding a style that’s actually comfortable for your body type and needs can also prove to be a challenge, especially if you have a bigger bust. When you’re in need of good support and don’t want your bra straps digging into your shoulders by midday, your best bet is opting for a bra with wider straps.

Wide-strap bras help distribute the weight of your breasts over a larger surface area, providing much better support than their thinner counterparts, thus resulting in less stress on your shoulders. Moreover, they’re less prone to digging and slipping, which is a major plus in terms of comfort.

We did some digging—no pun intended—and found 28 of the best wide-strap bras (and bralettes!) the internet has to offer. Oh, and they’re all super pretty, not bulky, to boot. Keep scrolling to shop our finds.

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