Tuesday, September 26

The 50 Best SSENSE Summer 2023 Sale Finds


Morgane Maurice for Who What Wear; PICTURED: @minahabchi

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like emotional tumult is in the air these days. It’s not a dramatic assessment, considering that an endless cycle of bad news can leave anyone in a perpetual state of grief. When the world feels bleak, it’s nice to occasionally find an escape from real-life problems, and instead be consumed by emotions surrounding more “trivial” things (ahem, fashion, for instance). As dramatic as the idea of “losing it” over finding something fabulous on sale, it’s not—there’s a reason they call it retail therapy, baby!

Jokes aside, there’s something to be said about carving out time to cultivate joy despite the rough-and-tumble state of the world—whatever that looks like for you. For me, at least, and for the girlies that get it, there’s one thing that can let us disassociate for a bit: SSENSE’s annual sale. When it comes to retailers fulfilling the fashion girlies’ wildest fantasies, none are doing it quite like them. The retailer not only has a curation of some of the coolest brands, but their sales are legendary—fashion group chats lit up every single year just for this sale!

But if you don’t believe me about how good their sales are, you’ll want to keep reading. I’ve done the emotional labor of shifting through hundreds of pages to find the 50 best discounted designer items from SSENSE right now. Be warned, these pieces might cause emotional distress in the short term but will likely bring you joy in the long run. 

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