Tuesday, September 26

The Fall 2023 Trend to Adopt Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Courtesy of Alexander McQueen; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Courtesy of Valentino; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Remain

One of the largest misconceptions about planetary retrogrades is that they usher chaos into our lives, but that’s not the case. Retrogrades are a chance to do some essential work on ourselves. If any sign is willing to do the heavy lifting to reap the benefits, it’s you, Capricorn. As the 10th sign in the zodiac, you’re known for your ambition, pragmatism, and determination, which will be useful, as your ruling planet, Saturn, is in retrograde until November 4. Because Saturn rules over time, discipline, rules, and tasks and is moving through the dreamy Pisces, this fall will be all about reevaluating the dreams you have for your life—it’s going to serve as a reality check. Now is the time to review how your current habits, communication style, and self-image may keep you from stepping into your dreams. We suggest taking more time to reflect, journal, and reprioritize, but there’s another small shift you can make during this season.

If you want to show the world you mean business, what better way than by adopting the power-suiting looks we saw on the fall/winter 2023 runways? Suiting may be a trend that feels as frequent as retrograde, but this season, we saw designers return to ’80s-inspired silhouettes. At Saint Laurent, an oversize white blazer with dramatic shoulder pads was layered over a low-scoop black tank tucked into leather shorts. At Remain, a simple pair of trousers and a button-down were emphasized with the addition of a boxy tan blazer. But it wasn’t just the blazer that was given a more tailored feel. At Valentino and Bottega Veneta, longline coats featured sharp shoulders and nipped-in waists. At Alexander McQueen, the matching suit was made edgier by patterns, materials, and unique styling that came in the form of pinstripe longline coats layered over matching separates, purple leather trench coats, and even suits styled with ties. Each iteration of this trend was a reminder that, with a little reflection and some serious shoulder pads, retrograde can be a breeze for our determined Capricorns. 

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