Friday, February 23

‘The Orville: New Horizons’ EP Promises ‘Liberated’ Storytelling in Season 3 | Entertainment

“Being on a streaming platform liberated our storytelling — narratively, emotionally, cinematically,” says exec producer Brannon Braga.

(Credit: Hulu)

That’ll be clear from the exciting opening, a redo of last season’s “climactic battle” shown from a different point of view “with more ambitious visual effects.”

True to the expanded title, expect new worlds aplenty and what Braga calls “a terrifying alien race. You’ll be checking under your bed!”

Best of all, Orville, with MacFarlane’s captain leading a crew in the 25th century, “is the same satisfying blend of action, drama, and comedy.”

The Orville: New Horizons, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, June 2, Hulu

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