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The Quiz Daddy Is Now Running a Vintage Shop in Los Angeles

Are you happy that these people are associating you and the store with it? Or are you ready to move on?

My biggest regret is I didn’t start [the Quiz Daddy’s Closet Instagram] during HQ. I could have had 100,000 followers. I could be making millions a year if I had this going back then.

Now, I don’t know. Maybe that’s just a name that I’ll always have and it’s fine. I’m certainly perpetuating it. In the context of selling clothes, the name doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. But I’m not done with the quizzing yet. So, hopefully I’ll have an outlet to reclaim that moniker for its original intended purpose.

Yeah, there are definitely some similarities between quizzing and thrifting.

It’s definitely a nerdy thing to obsess over the tags, and there’s an OCD element to it. I’m just such a collector at heart, so I can’t stop buying. I’m opening packages right now.

Your collection goes way beyond the T-shirts. Don’t you have baseball cards and lunchboxes…

Stamps, coins, fossils, and comic books. I’ve concentrated my collection as an adult but as a kid it was everything: paper money, stamps, Wheaties boxes, which did not pan out. I had some Beanie Babies in the mix. I would collect anything. Campbell’s Soup cans would come out with Wayne Gretzky on it. I had a Coca-Cola can collection. Anything with very limited variations and regional variations. They would have a UNC or Duke Coca-Cola can available just when they won the championship down there. I was making road trips like, “I gotta get that.”

When M&Ms first came out with M&Ms Crispy they put “New” on the wrappers. I save that because they don’t have “New” on the wrapper anymore so this is a limited wrapper. I have the first issue of the Americone Dream where it says “New Flavor.

You still have it?

Yeah. Now it’s been probably five years since it came out so they’re not saying new flavor anymore. I save these things. I don’t know why! It’s got Stephen Colbert on it. So my personal collections are baseball and showbiz. So, comedian tees: any kind of the Jerry Lewis stuff, I have Merv Griffin tees, Dave Letterman stuff, Conan O’Brien shirts. Any kind of showbiz stuff and then minor league baseball. All the things that I just loved growing up

What is it about collecting that you love?

It’s OCD. My way of therapy, my way of coping with the insane world we live in. I think that’s what drives everybody who collects—just like nostalgia. It’s just a yearning for a simpler time, a better time. Really there is no good time and everything’s been awful forever. You just don’t know it as a kid. So it’s just trying to recapture that childhood feeling.

“I kind of also collect 9/11 tees, anything with the Twin Towers on it,” Rogowsky says. 

Scott Rogowsky

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