Tuesday, September 26

The Roehl Family set to host the 2022 Farm Technology Days in Clark County.

The Roehl family looks forward to welcoming visitors to their farm in Clark County, Wisconsin for the 2022 Farm Technology Days. The show is being held at Roehl Acres and Rustic Occasions just south of Loyal, July 12-14.

 “Clark County offers the traditional feel of agriculture, but has adapted to many of the new technologies available for use in agriculture,” Richard Halopka, Clark County’s extension crops and soils agent, said. “We are delighted to host the show with our theme: ‘Where tradition and technology meet.'”

Roehl Acres dairy farm is just south of Loyal, Wisconsin and operated by Dennis and Suzie Roehl.

“In 1983, I went to my first Farm Progress Days Show. I was 14 years old and I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever been too. Now, 36 years later I will be the host farm for Farm Technology Days 2022. In a way, I have been preparing for this all of my life,” said Dennis Roehl.

The Clark County dairy farmers says his family is excited to showcase the progress they’ve made have made on their farm and what his parents have done before.”

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