Sunday, February 5

This Trend Changed My Winter Outfit Rotation, and Now It's All I Want to Wear

Dressing for the cold means breaking out a lot of fun fashion things: fur-lined boots, heavy-duty coats, obnoxiously oversize scarves… The list goes on. But until very recently, skirts were notably missing from my winter wardrobe. Yes, stockings and tights do exist, but sometimes, dealing with runs and nicks leads to more hassle than relief. And honestly, neither comes close to matching the insulating capacity of actually wearing pants. Thank goodness the widespread revival of maxi skirts has led me to better options.  Thinking back, I’ve never really given them the credit they deserved—midi skirts have dominated my closet since 2013. Now that I’m firmly aboard the floor-length-skirt train (Saint Laurent is largely to blame), my winter outfit rotation has changed dramatically. My November to March outfits aren’t only relegated to pants and their many forms. Style a long skirt with tights and knee boots and you have triple the protection against the chill. The annoyance of cold legs during a walk around the city is no longer a factor. For all of the stylish maxi skirts making a difference in my winter style, keep scrolling below. Also included are enviable outfits and a few staples they go really well with. (Hint, hint: knee boots and cropped sweaters.)

I love the minimalistic construction here.

Apparently, this is a best seller.

This is on sale, which means it absolutely will not stay in stock for long.

I adore that this is so long it touches your feet.

For more relaxed office settings, this skirt suit is a convenient go-to.

The thickness of the leather means this feels like having a coat around your waist in the best way possible.

Editors love this one.

Get in more velvet while you can.

A cinched waist and big belt buckle add a polished touch.

When the occasion calls for something a little fancy.

So smart that this mimics a tube dress in a skirt.

Dark denim just hits differently during the winter.

I’m a sucker for plaid skirts.

So, Visible Thongs Are Out, and Granny Panties Peeking Out of Your Pants Are In

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