Thursday, November 30

This Working Xbox Series X Is The Size Of A Fridge

Not to be confused with the very real Xbox Series X fridge from Microsoft, engineer and YouTuber Michael Pick has built a giant, working Xbox Series X the size of a refrigerator. In a video uploaded Monday that documents the process of building the giant console, Pick says the massive system stands at over 6.82 feet tall and 3.41 feet wide–and weighs over 250 pounds.

Although it’s essentially just a wooden frame and housing for Microsoft’s official Xbox Series X console, the system–which was donated to the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia–took several weeks to build. According to Pick’s video, the most challenging part of the build was getting the curved top of the console right, which alone took tweeks and “[really] helps this build come to life even though nobody will see the top” since it’s so tall.

The build also includes a few tweaks to the official design, such as additional back connection ports and other details on top. When switched on, the giant frame sends a signal to the Xbox Series X inside, which sends a signal to an Arduino microcontroller, which then tells a motor to turn on the actual console inside. (Last year, Pick also made another working curiosity, a monster-sized Nintendo Switch.)

If you couldn’t possibly see the use for a nearly 7-foot-tall console, American Girl still has a set of miniature Xbox accessories including a teeny-tiny Xbox Series X, and even smaller copy of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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