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Top 5 Services For Apple Music Promotion

Apple Music is a great choice for a music promotion strategy because of its long-established customer support and excellent customer ratings. The customer support team will guide you in optimizing your Apple music and getting more stars. They don’t let you down after you have paid for the features. Regardless of whether you have a single track or a large catalog, they will not drop the ball. The hands down best place for apple music promotion is UJober.

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a music marketing company that specializes in music promotion. They know how to reach your target market, boost your music star ratings, and maximize your music’s value. Their services include Facebook likes, YouTube views, and Twitter followers. They offer a free trial period and affordable monthly fees. They also offer personalized promotional materials, which you can customize. They can also help you determine your needs based on your stage or genre. Depending on the level of your promotion, they will choose 10 to fifty tracks for you. A single track costs $10, while an album can cost $50.

This service works with Apple music and can help you promote your music. Its submission process is simple, and the service frequently promotes underground artists. You can buy Real Media for Apple Music promotion for $10 per track, or up to $50 for your album. The service is reliable and cost-effective.

Buy Real Media combines expertise and experience to help you build your Apple music reputation. The team works with you to promote your music and get more stars. They focus on your target audience and help you reach it. The Apple Music Promotion team can optimize your music for success and maximize its star ratings. And don’t worry – your email address will never be published.

Soundplate is another Apple Music promotion service that includes newsletters, and you can create an account for free to promote your music. Their email list has five million subscribers, and they are responsive to their customers. Soundplate also integrates social media into their promotion efforts. Soundplate is a community of fans who share a passion for music. They feature curated playlists and even provide the opportunity for submission.


If you’re looking for a way to promote your music on Apple Music, a service called Soundplate can be an effective solution. With a great reputation and more than 5 million active users, Soundplate can help you get the word out about your music. It also has one of the biggest networks of blogs in the industry, making it possible to get more exposure for your music. Proper placement on playlists will increase the number of downloads and plays, resulting in more royalties for you.

Soundplate works by submitting your music to hundreds of playlists across Apple Music. Although they do not approve your tracks, they can help boost your performance on streaming services. This is particularly useful for artists who want to promote their catalogue or tour dates. Soundplate is also one of the most affordable Apple music promotion services available. Its network has more than 5 million listeners and is backed by leading blogs in the industry.

Regardless of the genre of music you create, Soundplate has hundreds of playlists for you to submit to. You can even create your own playlist. The service can promote mainstream and independent artists alike. There are different packages available for individual tracks and albums. Soundplate also offers playlists from Indie Shuffle, a service that generates playlists when a user visits the site. In addition to offering playlists, Soundplate also employs writers who can provide context for the tracks.

Soundplate also offers a free music promotion service. Its services allow you to create a personalized playlist and add artwork and videos. This service also allows you to set up a smart link to your profile.


SidesMedia offers many different types of music promotion services. From Twitter and Facebook accounts to YouTube, they can help you promote your music and gain exposure. With their user-friendly interface, you can choose how you want to engage with your followers. SidesMedia has been featured on many leading blogs.

While SidesMedia doesn’t reveal the people behind their features, you can trust that they have the best technology. Their website is secure and encrypted to ensure that your data is secure. You can also rest assured that they’ll help your company climb the Google ranks. This article will give you some of the benefits of SidesMedia’s services.

The service works with Apple music, and offers a simple submission process. It regularly promotes underground musicians and artists. You can submit a track for $10, or an entire album for $50. The service also offers customer support to help you with any issues or concerns you have. If you’d like to get your music heard on Apple music, try it out!

Another service to consider is Soundplate. It is one of the top public relations platforms specializing in Apple music promotion. They boast more than 5 million players on their network. They’re also partnered with some of the largest blogs in the industry. With their help, you can get your music on iTunes and Spotify.


SubmitHub is a web service that connects artists and tastemakers. Its founder, Jason Grishkoff, originally founded the IndieShuffle music website to help independent artists promote their music. However, he ran into a problem with the amount of submissions he received from publicists and music managers. As a result, he created SubmitHub. It offers a service that lets artists pay to be featured by influencers.

SubmitHub does offer free credits for its music submissions, but it does have a few cons. You can only submit one track at a time, and you must wait at least 24 hours between pitches. Moreover, your credits will not accumulate, so you can’t expect faster submissions.

Despite the advantages, SubmitHub is not the only service you should use to promote your music. You should also keep in mind that the feedback you get from the website may not be constructive. Because of the subjectivity of music, you will get mixed reviews. This means that some people won’t like your music, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

SubmitHub works with influencers and blogs to promote your music. Once you have selected influencers and blogs, you can send your music to them. These influencers will then listen to your music and share it on their platform. You can get free credits from SubmitHub or upgrade to the Premium service for a larger audience.

SubmitHub also has a chat feature that helps you interact with other musicians. You can create private or public chats. These can be accessed from the top bar of the website, and you can hide or archive them as you like. Another feature is ‘Genre Match’, which pairs your songs with curators based on their genre preferences. You can select up to 50 genres to get the maximum audience.


If you’d like to promote your Apple music on social media, one of the best ways to do it is to use a service like UseViral. This social media marketing service works on several social media platforms, including Facebook and SoundCloud. It uses high-quality promotion techniques and features a dedicated customer support team that can help you around the clock.

Spotify is a popular streaming service, and UseViral can help you get more of those listeners. Its service is simple and effective, and you can start seeing results in 24 to 48 hours. It is also very affordable, and you can get a free trial to see whether it’s right for you.

One of the main benefits of using UseViral for Apple music promotion is its ability to give you targeted followers. This allows you to narrow down your audience and reach your ideal audience. Random followers aren’t going to want to follow your account, but people looking for your profile will be more likely to follow you.

It is also important to understand that using a service like this isn’t illegal. Just make sure that it’s ethical, and charges a fair price. Also, make sure to look out for the company’s customer support, security measures, and efficiency. Make sure you choose a service that puts your interests first. You don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work.

Another advantage of using an Apple music promotion service is that it can connect you with the right media. The service has a large community of music lovers, and it can be used to promote an artist’s music. It also offers affordable rates. You can use the service to promote one track or an entire album.