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Top Legal Information Sites

When looking for legal information, it is important to check the qualifications of websites and authors. Websites written by individuals should include their education and work experience. It is important to verify information provided, as the information on these websites might be written to influence public opinion or sell a product. It is also important to consider whether the viewpoint advocated is accurate, and whether the information is presented in the correct grammar and spelling. If you’re unsure of legal terminology, you can also check the books at your local library.

Law News Depot

If you are looking for information on any legal topics, you’ve likely visited Law News Depot. It’s a very well put together website. It has all types of legal info and news. They cover over sixteen different legal topics and have hundreds of articles published. They also publish 5-25 new articles each day. Law News Depot is one of the top legal information sites of 2022.


The legal community is large, and Justia is no exception. If you are a new attorney, you can use Justia’s free resources to get started, or you can become a premium member to gain access to a variety of useful insights and benefits. The downside is that you are stuck in the middle of a sea of highly qualified professionals, which can be discouraging. Fortunately, there are ways to stand out from the crowd.

First, Justia and LII are highly ranked in Google searches for case names and similar legal research. They also offer legal blogs, course outlines, information about law schools, and product recalls, patents, and GAO reports. They have many different tools, so you can tailor your research according to your practice areas. If you don’t have time to spend hours on research, Justia is a great option.

Lawyers can also create a free Justia listing. These listings include their contact details, practice areas, and professional associations. They also include articles and question-and-answer forums, as well as a lawyer directory. The free service allows lawyers to advertise without spending a dime. While Justia may not seem like the best place to advertise, it is worth the investment. In addition to free legal articles, Justia has a social media-based marketing platform that works to attract potential clients.


For more comprehensive information, try LexisNexis. The commercial site offers the largest collection of case law, statutes, and regulations, as well as 40K news sources, 83B public records, and 700M company profiles. Lexis also offers a free version called LexisOne. These sites provide news and blogs on a variety of legal topics. Additionally, they offer software such as LexisNexis for Microsoft Office and Time Matters.

In addition to their online database, LexisNexis publishes books, journals, and magazines. Some titles include Taxation Magazine, Lawyers Weekly, and La Semaine Juridique. LexisNexis was founded in Britain in 1786 by Henry Butterworth, an apprentice to his uncle Joseph Butterworth, who had a famous law bookseller in Fleet Street. Butterworth’s legal information site includes more than a million legal books.

While many other legal information sites offer a more traditional product, Lexis+ offers a modern experience for attorneys. Its new interface design and integrated product components make it easier for users to answer legal questions, develop winning strategies, and complete tasks with greater clarity. Lexis+ integrates essential government solutions, including Microsoft Office and LexisNexis Public Records. Its solutions enhance attorney productivity and workflow by integrating cutting-edge technologies and a modern interface.

In addition to the main search function, LexisNexis and Westlaw also allow users to narrow down their results by state. In addition to providing legal research for attorneys, LexisNexis Academic offers a subscription-based full-text index service. Users can search by name or citation, as well as by case. Casemaker X offers access to statutes, regulations, and case law. In addition to legal research, it is also a great resource for attorneys.


A great place to find legal information is on the internet. There are thousands of databases on Westlaw, some of which are combined to form a single resource. The site’s primary authority is case law, but it also offers a wealth of secondary sources, including statutes, legal journals, and encyclopedias. If you want to read more about the history of the law, you might consider purchasing a book.

To access Westlaw, you’ll need to have Internet Explorer 4.01 or later and a computer with at least 32MB of RAM. If you need help with technical issues, you can contact the company’s support team via email, or by phone if you’re outside the U.S. or live in Canada. Another good choice is Fastcase, an independent U.S. law firm database. While it’s not as comprehensive as Westlaw, it does offer a wealth of legal information.

Law reviews are available in full-text through the Law Review Index. It goes back further than Westlaw, covering both Anglo-American and non-Anglo-American law. It’s important to note that the Law Review Index was originally a print-based index, so its search feature doesn’t necessarily search the print copies, but a separate database. To avoid getting stuck searching for articles, read the help center.


The Nolo legal information site has an extensive collection of information for both consumers and lawyers. Nolo’s Legal Encyclopedia contains thousands of articles that explain legal topics in simple language. Most articles come with step-by-step instructions, which makes them easy to read and understand. The site also includes sections on small business law and business formation. Despite its limited scope, it does offer an excellent overview of legal issues and their legal consequences.

Legal information can be expensive, but Nolo has made legal research and access to it affordable and accessible to all. Its Legal Information Reference Center contains full-text publications and thousands of legal forms, and is an invaluable member benefit. You can find detailed instructions on any legal issue you might face. The Legal Information Reference Center is available for Nolo members twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Nolo’s Legal Information Reference Center is an excellent resource for people who need legal advice but cannot afford a lawyer.

The Nolo website offers sample legal forms as well as informational articles. Its Legal Forms by US State feature enables users to find and download state and federal forms. Nolo also includes a comprehensive list of common business contracts and legal forms. The site has more than 45,000 legal forms, including contracts and articles about business law. In addition to legal forms, Nolo offers several other self-help resources.


If you’re looking for legal information on the Internet, you’ve probably come across the Quora website. While the site is filled with useful information, it can be a little risky. For instance, you can end up giving out your personal information to a site that doesn’t follow any laws. But it’s worth checking whether this is an option. After all, these websites require a lot of personal information from their users.

The website itself isn’t particularly safe to use for kids under 13, and they should only use the service with parental consent. In addition, users should make sure that all information they find on Quora is factual, and not just a hacked or skewed copy of a source. Some users have even discovered that a hacker had breached the site’s security and compromised one of their systems. As a result, Quora contacted law enforcement and hired a digital forensics and security consulting firm to protect the site from any further threats.

Once you’ve created an account on Quora, you can set up email notifications to receive new questions about your niche. You can choose what type of questions you want to answer and how often you’d like to receive them. However, you’ll need to decide which questions to answer and which ones to ignore. Remember that Quora has millions of users, so you’ll have to choose questions based on your area of expertise.


The popularity of legal information sites on Reddit is evident in the sheer number of communities that exist. This website is one of the most popular websites in the US and contains lively discussion about a wide variety of subjects, including law, news, video games, health, science, movies, and more. Legal information sites on Reddit provide legal information, practical advice, and even some humor. Here are some of the most popular.

First, the terms of service govern the disclosure of information about users by Reddit. In a nutshell, the site will provide users with adequate notice before any requests for information are made. It will also give users sufficient time to file objections before the deadline for providing such information lapses. However, if a non-disclosure order is issued against a person, Reddit may not provide any notice until it receives the records.

A recent Pew Research poll reveals that the audience of Reddit closely mirrors the demographics of the US population. Users are predominantly white non-Hispanic, with only a small percentage of people being black or Hispanic. In contrast, only about twenty-four percent of Reddit users are older than 65 years old. Further, Reddit users are also not evenly distributed in age. In the US, 54 percent of Reddit users are white and non-Hispanic, while only six percent of the site’s user base is black or Hispanic.