Tuesday, April 23

Twitter Reacts To New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer | GameSpot News

Today, Game Freak debuted a new trailer, giving us an even better look at the new region and creatures we’ll see in the next mainline game in the Pokemon series. The trailer showed off: the mouse type Pawme, the plant Smoliv, and the very good pig Lechonk.

Sega showed off some Sonic Frontiers gameplay today that features the iconic hedgehog racing around a puzzle-filled island. Described as an “open-zone” game by Sega, Sonic’s latest adventure will see him doing far more than just running around the environment, as he’ll be able to put his climbing skills to good use as well.

But the good news is that while we all wait for new information, we can distract ourselves with Diablo Immortal. The game has arrived a day early on mobile for some, while PC beta players will still have to wait for tomorrow, June 2, in order to play.

However don’t get too distracted by Immortal and forget to grab the Bioshock collection. Today is your last day to scoop it up for free on the Epic Games Store. So right when this video is over and you’re done looking at my face, I suggest you grab that if you haven’t yet.

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