Tuesday, March 21

Warriors’ Draymond Green faces possible disciplinary action after altercation with Jordan Poole, per report

Jesse D. Garrabrant

The Golden State Warriors are considering disciplinary action for Draymond Green following an altercation between he and teammate Jordan Poole at practice, per The Athletic. Green and Poole were reportedly in a heated altercation when Green “forcefully struck” Poole, which required the two needing to be separated.

The altercation forced practice to be paused while everyone cooled off in the team’s locker room, but Green may face discipline from the Warriors. It’s unclear what type of discipline that may be, but The Athletic reports that Golden State’s management feels “a line was crossed” in the incident.

Green is known to trash talk opposing players in games, and The Athletic reports that he and Poole have gotten into verbal arguments in the past. However, this one elevated to a physical level which may result in punishment for Green. 

CBS Sports will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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