Wednesday, September 27

What Spring 2023 Trend to Adopt Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Imaxtree/David Koma; Imaxtree/Dion Lee; Imaxtree; Imaxtree/Courrèges; Imaxtree/Saks Potts; Courtesy of Versace; Imaxtree/Chloé

They say you can’t tame the free-spirited nature of the Saggitarius, and in some ways, that’s true. As the final fire sign in the astrological calendar, Sagittarians are far more out-there in terms of their exploration. They always try to experience something new through travel, food, culture, and self-improvement. That explorative nature extends into their closets too. They’re never afraid to test-drive a few new trends. Their only stipulation is that they have to be able to easily jump on a bike, train, or flight and head off into the night. That desire for exploration is what will have this sign embracing the “moto mami” aesthetic this spring. 

Let’s be clear, though. While this aesthetic has taken off in the pop culture realm, it’s categorized by the embrace of moto-inspired pieces on the runway. It debuted first in fall/winter 2023 and continued to be a trend on the spring/summer 2023 runways thanks to the wide embrace of specific “bad-girl” pieces (e.g., biker jackets, edgy hardware, and moto boots). We saw designers take these staples and make them even badder. At Versace, they were paired with a low-slung leather miniskirt; at David Koma, a chain-mail skirt. At Chloé, they were paired with micro hot pants, and at Dion Lee, they were styled with a draped minidress. At the same time, we saw Saks Potts use grommets to add a little edge to a moto jacket and matching skirt, and Courrèges relied on an oversize fit. Each take was all about exploring the realm of moto in new and interesting ways, and if that’s not aligned with Sagittarians, then I don’t know what is. 

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