Tuesday, September 26

Wisconsin Supreme Court liberal majority moves to limit chief justice

MADISON – Three days after securing a new majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the court’s four liberal justices voted to limit the power of its conservative chief justice — a move the leader called “an attempt to gut” her constitutional authority by “rogue justices.”

In response, a liberal justice pilloried the chief for “litigating” the issue “through media releases.”

The justices voted Friday to change the court’s rules, including the creation of a new committee composed of conservative Chief Justice Annette Ziegler and two justices picked by the court’s liberal majority members.

The liberal justices voted to shift powers from Ziegler to the new committee, in some cases eliminating Ziegler as the sole decisionmaker and instead assigning such jobs to the committee, including appointments to the Wisconsin Judicial College, overseeing the state courts director, picking members of state-level judicial committees and the planning and policy advisory committee, and reviewing the court system’s budget, among other matters.

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