Saturday, April 13

Woody Harrelson’s Wimbledon Hats: A Survey

While there’s no official Wimbledon dress code for spectators, there is a de facto one that skews along the lines of smart, tailored, and British, which, for men, usually means a double-breasted suit and tie, brogues, and ideally a pair of sunglasses to signal that it’s summer. Though competitors are required to wear white, many attendees generally tend to follow in (neutral) suit. But actor Woody Harrelson, who loves watching live tennis and has been going to Wimbledon for years, is hardly one to follow rules to the letter—in his mind, Church Road is as good a place to wear a hemp fiber shirt and Birks as any.

However, the one very Wimbledon-y thing that Woody really does stick to is wearing a brimmed hat, typically a Panama or a fedora, which has the effect of being both practical (blocks the Sun’s rays) and dress-code compliant (looks old-school) but also specifically declarative (makes him look like he’s operating on island time). After all, Great Britain is an island, and Woody has always been one to find his beach, no matter the locale.

Woody Harrelson attends the Evian Live Young Suite at The Championship at Wimbledon on July 14, 2018 in London.David M. Benett/Getty Images

In general, perennially style-minded Woody has long been a hat guy: flat caps, classic baseball hats, pork pies, an erstwhile cowboy—here he is at Cannes, throwing one in the air! But since at least 2018, he’s pulled out all the stops for The Championships, sporting several different jaunty hats during the tournament’s run: a black-ribboned Panama, a gray-and-white tonal number, and, so far this year, a trim navy fedora. It’s his first year back at Wimbledon since 2019, when he went viral for being an absolute menace on ESPN’s Wimbledon live feed, popping up every so often wearing an official, green-and-purple-ribboned Wimbledon Panama hat and an indescribable facial expression. Our fingers are crossed that there’ll be more hats to come.

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