Tuesday, April 23

YouTuber Ali-A Joins Fortnite Icon Series

Continuing the Fortnite Icon Series fresh off of last week’s Chica skin, comes the new Ali-A skin. Epic Games continues to add skins that either depict or are inspired by real-life people into the game, with offerings like Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim getting her own skin or the Wu-Tang Clan getting their Wu Wear bundles in the Item Shop. UK-based YouTuber Ali-A is the latest addition to this lineup, with his years of work in the Fortnite content creation scene culminating in him being added to the game.

Epic is using their Fortnite Icon Series, as well as an in-game competition and creative experience, to showcase his five-year career and cement his status as a key member in the Fortnite content creation space. Starting May 19 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET, Ali’s fans will be able to pick up his Icon Series set from the item shop. The set will include the Ali-A outfit with eight different styles as well as multiple color and lighting options, along with customizable back bling and a glider that’s built into the outfit.

There will also be a Zero Build Duos Cup for players to compete to earn the skin in, and a creative experience showcasing bits of both Ali-A’s career and Fortnite’s history. A new quest to eliminate 15 opponents at the Ali-A experience will also be available for the experience’s duration, unlocking the Ali-A Was Here spray for all who complete it. For other skins, check out our list of all the Marvel skins currently in Fortnite or find out how to unlock the free Splash Squadron skin here.

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